Terms and conditions

BookOtrip is responsible for publishing and maintenance of this website. As you browse, access or use the website, you are accepting all the terms and conditions associated with it. While accessing any sub-site via this website, the sub-sites will be having their own terms and conditions that are specific to the respective sub-site. Sub-sites may comprise of added terms and conditions for usage.


You agreed to not distributing, exchanging, modifying, selling or transmitting anything, copied with this website. This is inclusive of texts, audio, images, and video for commercial, business or public purposes. You agreed to not interrupting, attempting for the interruption of the operation of the website in any manner.

Only registered members are allowed to access specific areas of the website. You may require answering few questions about becoming a registered member of the website.

Deals and Discounts

At times, different special vouchers or deals are displayed on our site. They can be availed for a limited time only. You require checking with BookOtrip to ensure if any of the offer displayed on the site is still valid. There are added terms and conditions which are applicable to the use of special deals or vouchers.


The different services and products which are showcased on the website cannot be purchased in a specific locality or country. You require checking with the authorized representative of BookOtrip in order to avail the specific products and services.


We reserve the rights for taking all the prerequisite steps for ensuring the integrity and safety of the systems of BookOtrip and interests of the clients.

Payment Gateway

You need to submit and agree that the details of debit and credit card, offered to the payment Gateway for the processing of payments should be correct.


The debit card and credit companies, and many banks are known to charge the account holder transaction fees on the basis of multiple factors.

Cancellation Policies

All the cancellations should be in writing and an email should be sent to our mail ID: reservations@bookotrip.in